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Financing Options

Affordable monthly financing available through partnerships with RenoFi and Hearth, with both secured and unsecured loan options

With most home renovation financing options, the contractor ends up eating a hefty fee on the back end (often 10-15% or more) and passing those extra costs on to the consumer (think shady solar loan), either by charging more for the product if you finance, or offering a hefty "cash discount." In either case, the unaware financing consumer normally pays a good deal more on the back-end, even if they are presented with a "lower" interest rate on the front-end.

With RenoFi and Hearth, what you see is the total rate, and Backyard Office Utah charges the same price whether you finance or pay cash. Click the links to see what you're prequalified for without affecting your credit, and don't hesitate to reach out with questions about either option.

Competitive fixed-rate home equity loans based on the future value of your property after renovations

Zero percent credit card option and unsecured private loans at fixed rates through various banking partners

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