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This is Not a Garden Shed: We Build Using the Same Materials and Techniques as Your Home

When it comes to building a backyard office, it's important to choose a contractor who uses materials and techniques that are both durable and long-lasting. That's why at Backyard Office Utah, we use the same materials and techniques that are used in residential construction. Here's a closer look at how we build our backyard office buildings:

  1. Foundation: The foundation of a backyard office building is just as important as the foundation of a house. It's what supports the entire structure, and it needs to be strong and stable. That's why we take special care to prepare the site where your backyard office will be going and ensure that no part of the structure makes contact with the ground. We even add insulation into the flooring to ensure maximum heat retention through the winter.

  2. Framing: Once the foundation is in place, we move on to the framing of the backyard office building. This is the skeleton of the structure, and it's made up of wooden studs that are spaced 16 inches apart. The studs are fastened together with nails, screws, and metal connectors and we use high-quality lumber that is free of knots and other defects, to ensure that the structure is strong and stable.

  3. Exterior walls: After the framing is complete, we fill in the exterior walls of the backyard office building. This typically entails applying OSB wood paneling directly onto the studs, followed by house wrap for weather protection, and then finally the siding material. The siding helps to protect the walls from the elements and adds an attractive finish to the building.

  4. Roofing: The roof of a backyard office building is critical to its overall durability and longevity. We use 30 year architectural asphalt shingles for most of our roofs which is what is used on residential construction. We also use high-quality underlayment and flashing to ensure that the roof is watertight and well-ventilated.

  5. Windows and doors: The windows and doors of a backyard office building serve both practical and aesthetic purposes. They allow natural light and fresh air into the building, and they also provide a way to get in and out. We use high-quality windows and doors that are energy-efficient and durable, and we carefully seal and weatherstrip them to keep out drafts and moisture.

  6. Electrical, and HVAC: Once the walls are up, we install the electrical and HVAC systems in the backyard office building. These systems are critical to the comfort and functionality of the building, and we use the same materials and techniques that are used in residential construction. Everything is carefully installed and tested to ensure that they are safe and reliable. The mini split we use for heat and cool ensures your backyard office stays at the temperature you want through every season, while maintaining maximum energy efficiency to keep your electric bills low.

  7. Interior Finishing and Paint: After the structure and electrical components have been installed and tested, we move on to finishing. This includes adding insulation to the walls, drywall hanging, taping and mud, adding lights and fixtures, installing the electrical outlets, flooring and trim, and finally painting both the interior and exterior of your backyard office.

By using the same materials and techniques that are used in residential construction, we can build backyard office buildings that are durable, long-lasting, and comfortable. Whether you're looking for a space to work, study, or relax, a backyard office building can be a great addition to your home.


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